Friday, 24 May 2019

Have a great weekend

Dear children

I hope that you are having a good rest and telling everyone about your week away. 

If you see this message and get a moment during the weekend (or half term) it would be lovely to hear a few words from you - what you enjoyed most, what you are proud of, your favourite dinner etc.

Thank you for being superstars all week 

God bless,
Mr Parascandolo

Thursday, 23 May 2019

They think it's all over....

So we are nearly at the end of our island adventure. What a wonderful time we have had!

A not so early start to the day with lots of tired bodies that needed stirring more than ever this morning.  A morning of activities on a gloriously sunny day - two groups down on the beautiful beach beach to Bodyboard.  We all met together for lunch (pasta, cheese and onion pasty, jacket potatoes) and off we went again for our final group activities of the trip (3G Swing for everybody - not such a great idea straight after lunch!)    

A whole group activity (Mini Olympics in the Sports Hall) after dinner, to round the trip off and one last round of hot chocolate before the children trudged to their rooms, absolutely shattered.  They are now packing their bags before jumping in to bed and I'm sure they will soon be dreaming of being home, having a nice dinner, getting into their own bed and being surrounded by their family.  

We need to get the children up at 7.00 in the morning and they need to be dressed, packed and have their cases ready before breakfast at 8.45am.   Our coach is due to depart at 11am and we will then head to Fishbourne for the 12pm ferry, hoping to be back at school at approx. 4pm.  We will update you as we travel home so that you can be at school to meet the children.  Please be on time to greet them but don't get any closer to them than you need to, at least until you have got them into a warm bath!  

Before you rush off home may I ask that you turn your child around 
and get them to say a REALLY big THANK YOU to the five 
wonderful adults who have looked after them so well this week.  

Mrs Dodsworth, Miss Neale, 
Mrs Cracknell, Ms Suga
 and Mr Geeson. 

...have been absolute SUPERSTARS, giving the children so much 
encouragement and reassurance and caring for their every need, 24 hours a day.

Please remember to collect any medication that was given to your child's group leader.

Finally, please take time to look through the hundreds of photos on this blog with your child over the coming days.  They will help to prompt conversations and bring back memories of a trip that they will hopefully hold dear for many years to come.

See you all tomorrow afternoon
Mr. Parascandolo

Mrs Cracknell & Ms Suga - Balance Beam

Mr Geeson, Mrs Cracknell & Ms Suga - Nightline

Mr Geeson & Mrs Cracknell/Ms Suga - Bodyboarding (part 2)

Mr Geeson & Mrs Cracknell/Ms Suga - BodyBoarding (part 1)

Thursday Morning

Good morning from Kingswood!

Another very busy day yesterday with the children making the most of every minute in the sunshine.  So much fun and laughter, particularly during the Nightline activities when the children are blindfolded and led around an assault course.  Great team building and the odd splash of water from some irresponsible adults!  When questioned whether I had poured water on the children's heads I of course denied all knowledge but there instantly came the first quote of the day (and warning) from Abigail: 

"God is watching Mr Parascandolo!"

That told me!

Before dinner we donned our Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts and sunglasses and made everyone stop and stare as we walked into the Dining Hall.  Second quote of the day from Oliver A when passing a group from another school who were not so beautifully dressed:

 "Not sure they got the memo!"  

Off to the beach for a glorious evening - we were the only people on this beautiful stretch of sand!  Photos, songs, sandcastles - all simple and innocent fun - we could have stayed for hours! 

We staggered home to bed and most of the children were asleep within half an hour.
Getting up is getting more and more difficult but the children are all very much looking forward to breakfast and our last full day in Kingswood. Highlights of the day:

Mr Geeson's group:  
BodyBoarding, 3G Swing, 

Mrs Cracknell & Ms Suga's group: 
BodyBoarding, Balance Beam, 3G Swing, Laser

Miss Neale's group:  
Leap of Faith, Archery, Buggy Build, 3G Swing

Mrs Dodsworth's group:  

Archery, 3G Swing, Laser, Leap of Faith

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Have a good day!

Mr Parascandolo